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3 Noun. Short for 360, as in turning 360 degrees while in the air. E.g. "sick 360 off that booter."
allcomp 1. Adj. All encompassing, or all encompassingly. E.g. "an allcomp chill run"
broster Noun. What you call someone when you're tired of calling them bro. E.g. "Hey, broster."
bumpin' dubs 1. Verb. To ski or snowboard down a double-black mogul run. E.g. "All this bumpin' dubs got me sweating!"
butter 1. Verb. To ride on the tail of one's snowboard, especially to ride sufficiently far back so as to be able to touch the surface of the snow behind you. Ex: "Had a chill afternoon just butterin' corduroy."
Free refills When it's puking so hard it fills in your tracks between runs
glazin' toasties when your eyes are red from smokin' weed
tokin' coffee super pumped

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